World Dumbination is a fun strategy board game for 2 to 5 players. In the game you play as the 5 world leaders left after aliens have “rescued” the most intelligent people from our planet, to inhabit a new a better world they have floating around in a galaxy far far away.

The first inspiration for the game was world leaders’ acting like children arguing in a sandpit, and that is the idea for the front cover.

The story

Our planet has for decades been monitored by alien species. Worried by the latest events, they’re sending their enormous spaceships to earth to save us from our self-inflicted fate. As they’ve already made a copy of our planet, they collect the smartest people to inhabit this new world, leaving the “less gifted” behind. Most of the world leaders get on board, but some didn’t make the cut – for more or less obvious reasons.

In World Dumbination you play as these five leaders in a quest for world domination!

It’s never been easier to conquer the world. Can you make it to world domination, declare world peace, or will you all destroy the planet in a spectacular nuclear meltdown?

World Dumbination are coming to in April!

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