World Dumbination won the prize for the “Least anticipated War game for 2019” on Boardgamegeek! Well, this is just a bit of fake news since it off course isn’t a prize for that! But we are happy we were far away from winning in that category. As a bit of a surprise to us, the game got nominated in the War game category. World Dumbination has a structure and plays a bit like a war game, and you fight your opponents with bombs and military units. But since it is a totally unserious and funny game, it is more of a parody for a war game than an actual war game! The hardcore war gamers wouldn’t touch this game even with gloves on, and we would probably be banned from Boardgamegeek winning that category with World Dumbination! 😀 If it had been a category for the most anticipated Warty (war & party!) game, World Dumbination had won that category easily!  😛

Just now we are working with making prototypes to send out to reviews, a Kickstarter date will be set soon after the games are sent out.

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